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Panavision Remote Systems Shock Absorbers

For use with stabilized heads, these shock absorbers help reduce high and low vibrations along with any hard impact shocks on rough terrain. Available in 2 sizes. They are highly customizable and adaptable.

For more information or to inquire about rental, please contact us - (UK) or (USA).

Alpha Grip


Small Vertical Shock AbsoberFor use with Alpha stabilised heads to reduce high & low frequency vibrations and hard impact shocks during high speed and rough crane moves. Connects to Mitchell or GF-8.

Weight : 8.5kg
Maximum payload : 56kg
Temperature range: -20° to +50° Celsius
Dimensions : L54 x W21 x H50cm

Small Vertical Shock Absober

When using Mitchell Mout, lock tightly with the locking nut when connected to the respective mount...

Small Vertical Shock Absober
Small Vertical Shock AbsoberSmall Vertical Shock Absober

After mounting the Vibration Isolator, Gyro Head and camera, the pressure of the suspension shock will need to set. To set the correct pressure, connect a high pressure pump to valve on the shock.

Small Vertical Shock Absober

Depending on payload weight and surface conditions, setting the required air pressure and adjusting the copression and rebound will give the best results. The recommended position of both knobs is to the maximum anti clockwise, so that valves are always open.

Small Vertical Shock AbsoberRelease pressure adjustment regulator

Approximate pressure level to different payloads. It is recommended but not obligatory.

Payload (kg) 40 45 50 55 60 65
Pressure Bar 11 12.55 13.95 15.35 16.74 18.14
PSI 160 190 200 225 240 260