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Rotary DamperAlpha Grip

Increases the efficiency of Alpha stabilised heads by reducing rotational stress and smoothening out pan starts and stops on telescopic and fixed arm cranes by isolating high frequency vibrations between the mount and head.

Weight: 8.1kg
Maximum payload: 85kg
Temperature range: -20° to +50° Celsius
Dimensions: L 34 x W34 x H22cm
Mounting: Mitchell to Mitchell


  1. The Vibration Isolator is mounted with a Mitchell connection to the fixture and locked off tightly with the Mitchell locking nut. It should be mounted so that the top arm of the VI runs as an extension of the mounting fixture.

    Rotary Damper

  2. Vibration Isolator damping regulation is made by adjusting the pair of valves on each of the 4 shocks. In general the factory setting is 6-7 for - temperature range between 0°c and +30°c - load 40-60 kg. If either temperature or load differ from those figures it is recommended to adjust the pressure. Adjust each pair of knobs evenly and identically within the range 6-7. Note: the valves should never be closed to maximum as it can damage the dampers.

    Rotary Damper

  3. To check the pressure level of the VI first set the top dampeners so that the mounted head and camera can swing smoothly to and fro. When the dampening is correctly set it should be possible to manually push the head to the maximum range of the VI and when let go the head should swing smoothly down and over the straight, vertical hanging position, then fall smoothly into the vertical hanging position within 1 to 2 seconds. The same adjustment should be made on the lower dampeners so that the pressure level is equal at each axis