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Stabileye is a miniature stabilised head that weighs just 3.5 Kgs

It has been designed light so as to comply with the parameters required to fly beneath an aerial platform, so is light enough to be used in the hand without being encumbered with easy rigs or exosuits.

StabileyeThis means that you can move the camera from ground level to full reach during the shot and it is small enough so as to be discreet, very mobile and not in the way of the lighting.

But that's not the only way to wield Stabileye: it's just as at home on a vehicle, a wire rig or even a galloping horse. Its speed of setup and versatility can be relied on, and will give you absolutely perfect stabilised footage every time. 

It can accept cameras of a variety of sizes ranging from the Red Weapon to the Alexa Mini.  
Stabileye can support a wide range of small zoom and prime lenses right up to the new Panavision 65mm series with amazing results. 

Built in wireless capability can see a range of over 200 metres between the head and the controller, and the operator maintains control with proper handwheels and an audio link.

Stabileye Specifications:

  • Height: 39cm
  • Width: 26cm
  • Depth: 33cm
  • Weight 3.5kg (excluding camera, lens and accessories)

Camera Bodies:

Stabileye accommodates the following:

  • RED
  • ALEXA Mini
  • DSLR'S

Lenses we have used so far:

SL 17.5, SL 21, SL 27, SL 30, SL 35, SL 50, SL 75, SL85

18, 21, 25, 27, 32, 40, 65, 75, 100

ZEISS Ultra Primes
20, 24, 28, 32, 40, 50, 60, 85

ZEISS 2.1's
20, 24, 28, 32, 40, 50, 60, 85, 100

ZEISS Super Speeds
18, 25, 35, 50, 65, 85

SP's/ Super Speeds Mk2
24 SP
24 SS Mk2
35 SS Mk2
50 SS Mk2
50 SP
75 SP
85 SS Mk2

18, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100

Please let us know your lens choice.

Q: Is Stabileye Waterproof?

A: Stabileye is not a completely waterproof system so its use in rain or rain  effects is best avoided. While we will endeavour to do everything in our power to continue shooting in adverse weather conditions we do not guarantee the reliability of the equipment if it is subjected to such exposure. 

The use of rain deflectors is not possible at this time so cable work should be carried out after lines have been dried.

Q: What can be attached to the camera package whilst on Stabileye?*

A: Stabileye has been designed to operate as lightly as possible so it is able to comply with CAA regulations and as such the overall performance of the system is compromised if fitted with matte boxes, filter trays and other weight adding items. 

Q: What lenses can be used with Stabileye?

A: Stabileye supports a wide range of small zoom and prime lenses right up to the new Panavision 65mm series - with amazing results!



Oculus - Remote Heads


  • Extremely powerful direct drive motors.
  • Unique architecture eliminates “gimbal lock” in any mounting position. This feature can eliminate the need for the “leveling head” unit on cranes resulting in a significant weight saving.
  • Excellent stability permitting long focal length lenses to be used.
  • No lag, bounce or overshoot in control movements even at maximum speeds and with instantaneous removal of maximum control inputs.
  • Excellent vertical maintenance even under strong vehicle acceleration forces.
  • Able to be mounted in any position: top, bottom or cantilevered and to operate as these positions are transitioned.
  • Sealed construction to withstand inclement weather situations.
  • Special Oculus wedge plate system interfacing with Mitchell mount for quick effortless attachment of gimbal head.
  • Built in winch system to extend main yoke arm length by up to 6 inches in order to accommodate extra-long camera/lens packages.
  • No need to remove camera package.
  • Built in fiber optic pathway permitting unhindered maneuverability and highest quality video data transmission.
  • OculusOptional air suspension Iso Damper unit...fully adjustable and permitting operation in all mounting positions. Several different models to be available providing compliance in all directions including vertical.
  • Option for fully protected environmental enclosure with optional advance design rain spinner.
  • Zero drift.


  • System Type: 4-axis carbon fiber gyro stabilized gimbal
  • Gimbal Weight: 50 lbs (22.6 kgs)
  • Gimbal Dimensions: L: 23.5” W: 8” H: 28.5”
  • Temperature: -30° to 45°C (-20° to 110°F)
  • Pan, Tilt and Roll Limit: 360° Continuous
  • Pan and Tilt Speed: 260° / sec
  • Payload: Wide variety of camera and lens configurations. 70lbs plusOculus


  • “SpaceCam Mimic”...mimicking SpaceCam operating conventions.
  • “Zedir Pan Mode” (allowing straight up or down pan movements with system auto leveling when horizon is about to enter frame).
  • SpaceCam Constant Polarity....maintains absolute control polarity with image on the screen even when camera is inverted.


  • Built in displacement type joystick on carbon fiber console.
  • No lag, bounce or overshoot with the Oculus DynaGlide wheel control unit. Selection of various wheel inertias available as well as an optional infinitely variable electronic drag system. Separate “roll” wheel control on its own table mount is provided.
  • Oculus ControlOptional panbar or military style strain gauge hand held joystick.
  • All control systems operational simultaneously.
  • All control systems can be individually tailored for all aspects of control response, polarity, smoothing, etc.
  • Console weight: 6.5lbs (2.3 kgs)
  • Optional control inputs accepting both analogue and digital control devices.
  • Wireless operation up to 1.5 miles or 2.4 Kms. with small omni antennas and up to 10 miles with directional antennas with zero control lag.
  • Motion record and motion playback capability.
  • Option for remote power on/off of Oculus gimbal on cable rigs with no need to direct access to head.
  • Control console magnetic capture on wheel control unit or sculpted foam “lap” mount for car, boat and aerial operation.



Alpha Grip

Mega III - Remote HeadsThe Mega III has been designed to be a light- weight, yet highly rigid platform for the vast ma- jority of film cameras. It has sufficient power to swiftly manoevre a 35mm camera with a large zoom lens. With sliprings in all 3 axes, the cam- era is free to move without snagging wires.

Set-up time has been known to be as little as 10 minutes from arrival of the equipment on set to “Action” being called. The system has been very highly specified - reliability is a key factor of the system’s design, such that most of the major working parts can be easily swapped should it be required.

Mega III Remote HeadsMilitary-approved aircraft-quality connectors have been used almost exclusively throughout, and metalwork is hard-anodised aluminium/ stainless steel construction where possible. The drive systems utilise zero-backlash, very low maintenance gearboxes.

The custom-designed control system of the Mega III has an extremely intuitive function- ality such that operators feel confident when operating or adjusting the system. The Mega III is also know for its precision, such that the camera is where the operator has asked it to be. There is no drift, and the head checks its position over 300 times a second to ensure utmost accuracy, with pan and tilt encoding to the order of over 2,500 counts per degree of head movement.

The operator has the position indicated on an “at-aglance” graph, along with a precise nu- merical readout. Recorded moves can be stored to PC either for replaying at a later date, for storing multiple moves, or for output to MAYA or compatible packages. This makes tracking the position of the head very simple. Also available is a real-time encoder log- ging system which can store the encoder posi- tions every microsecond, and can be cascaded for up to 16 axes of motion capture.

Mega III Remote Heads


  • 35Kg/77lbs Weight
  • Precise Digital Control
  • Independent Soft-Stops for each axis
  • Course & fine positional indication for operator
  • RCU / CCU through sliprings
  • ARRI 435 to 150 FPS through system
  • Adjustable wheel response
  • Simple touch screen control
  • Record & playback facilities
  • User-settable playback speeds
  • Pan/Tilt resolution:1,000,000 per head
  • Revolution: Roll
  • Resolution:: 570,000 per revolution (approx)


Dry Weight Including bars: Approx 35Kg/77lbs
System Power Requirements: 20 - 32Volts DC 90 - 240 Volts AC
Power Draw (head+controller only @24V DC) Idle: < 1.2Amps Max: < 10 Amps Supplied Power: 31.5A Max
Max Pan/Tilt/Roll Speed: 180 Degrees/second
Encoder Counts/Rev: Pan/Tilt: 1,000,000 Roll: 570,000
Shipping Weight (Standard Kit + cases) 96KG
Standard Cable Lengths: DC Power Cables: 20m or 30m
Control Cable length: 20m or 30m (=50m joined)
Record Time: Standard: 52 seconds Extended@ 100 seconds
Camera Movement Control: Standard: 3 wheels Option: Panbar
Input/Display System: Touchscreen + EL display (sunlight readable)
Video Lines: 2
Others: RCU/CCU through head



Alpha Stabilised Remote SystemsExclusive to Alpha Grip

  • Slip rings for complete 360° operation
  • Simple BNC control cable or wireless
  • Operation from wheels, pan-bar or joystick
  • Unique dovetail system for fast adjustment of head size
  • Stabilisation on all or select axis
  • Built in power for cameras and lens control
  • Auto Horizon level
  • Programmable limits
  • Programmable moves
  • Head weight – 55lbs (25Kg)
  • 3D Capable

Alpha Stabilised Remote Systems

Alpha Stabilised Remote Systems - Specs

Alpha Stabilised Remote Systems - Specs

Photo Gallery




Libra mount suspended Specification.
Height: 76cm; Width: 51cm; Depth: 21cm
Weight : 27Kg ( no isodamp ) 31Kg ( with isodamp )
Fits standard Mitchell / Moy fitting e.g. three way leveller; bazooka.
Pan : 350 degrees, Tilt : 270 degrees.Max Pan & Tilt speeds : 300 degrees/sec. Roll : 30 degrees either side of horizion.
Sealed for wet / harsh environments. Temp range: -20 degrees C to + 45 degrees C. For temps less than -10 please call as Libra has been re-greased/tested at lower temps but is not standard
Max camera package:150lb.
Libra Mount upright Specification.
Height : 61cm; Width : 51cm; Depth : 21cm
Weight : 27Kg ( no isodamp ) 31Kg ( with isodamp )
Fits standard Mitchell / Moy fitting e.g. three way leveller; bazooka.
Pan : 350 degrees, Tilt : 270 degrees.Max Pan & Tilt speeds : 300 degrees/sec. Roll : 30 degrees either side of horizion.
Sealed for wet / harsh environments. Temp range: -20 degrees C to + 45 degrees C. For temps less than -10 please call as Libra has been re-greased/tested at lower temps but is not standard
Max camera package:150lb.



Height : 88cm (34.5 in ) Weight : 35 Kgs
Width : 78 cm ( 33.5 in ) Fitting : Mitchel / Moy
Depth : ( 8.25 in ) Pan, tilt & roll 360 deg. continuous
Weight : 35 Kgs
Fitting : Mitchel / Moy
Pan, tilt & roll 360 deg. continuous





CL Head with Pan bar system

2 or 3 Axis Stabilized / Digital Remote Head w/ Preston System

CL Head


  • Compact 2 or 3 Axis Gyro Stabilized Head Eliminates Unwanted Camera 'Shake' During Fast or Rough Camera Moves
  • Encoder Mode at the Touch of a Finger Allowing Repeatable Moves of up to One Minute Ten Seconds Long
  • Encoders Capable of CGI Application in Any Axis
  • The CL Head has the Capability of Recording Data Through Each Axis Position To Accommodate CGI Requirements
  • The CL Head has the Ability to Change Its' Configurations Allowing it to Fit in Tight Areas Such As a Car Door Window
  • New Design Eliminates Drift When Used in Gyro Stabilized Mode
  • The CL Head Allows the Operator to Control the Speed and Dampening on All Axis at Their Finger Tips Through the Wheel Console
  • The CL Head Operator has the Capability to Adjust Stop Limits on the Fly Through the Wheel Console
  • The CL Head Side Plates Can be Adjusted in Seconds to Accommodate Camera and Lens Clearance, While Keeping the Camera Balanced
  • Can Be Used with Film Magazines up to 1,000 ft. in Size
  • Rotation of Pan is + or - 720 Degrees, Tilt is + or - 720 Degrees and Roll is + or - 42 Degrees
  • Smooth Pan, Tilt and Roll with Hand Wheels Console
  • Incorporates Auto Leveling on Roll Axis In Both Encoder and Gyro Stabilized Modes
  • Comes with F.I.Z. Controls, HD Viewing Monitors and Mobile Control Cart
  • Can be Utilized in Either 2 Axis or 3 Axis Configuration
  • CL Battery Pack and Chargers Available for Reliable and Long Lasting Power
  • Works on All Types of Camera Crane Arms, Dollies and Camera Cars
  • Smooth, Silent Performance
  • Quick Setup and Positioning
  • All Sides of the Camera are Easily Accessed for Loading and Lens Changes
  • Remote Head Technician Required with Head RentaL
  • Water Resistant
  • Can Be Used with a Variety of Motion Picture and Video Cameras, Especially Many 3D Setups
  • Can Handle Payloads of up to 100 lb
  • Many Accessories Available

G-3 Stabilised Head

G-3 Stabilised Head

Detailed Specification

This head accommodates

2 35mm Cameras


Axis Height (min configuration)

2'6"         84 cm

84 cm

Axis Width (min configuration)

1'9"          56 cm

56 cm

Axis Depth (min configuration)

3'              91cm

91 cm

Axis Weight

70 lb         31.8 kg

31.8 kg

Axis Payload Capacity

150 lb       68.1 kg

68.1 kg

Pan, Tilt and Roll

0-180 degree  per sec

per sec

Mounting Base

Standard    Mitchell


Lens Control Systems



Preston FIZ and Arri Lens Control






Detailed Specification

Axis Height               


1.2 m

Axis Width


74 cm

Axis Weight

80 lb

36.3 kg

Axis Payload Capacity

90 lb

40.8 kg

Axis Height


11 cm

Axis Width


53 cm

Axis Weight

65 lb

29.5 kg

Axis Payload Capacity

90 lb

40.8 kg


Power Pod

Power Pod

Detailed Specification

Height (w/o Riser)


48 cm



43 cm


75 lb

34 kg

Shipping Weight for Complete System

492 lb

224 kg

Load Capacity

60 lb

27 kg

Maximum Speed

3 sec

per 360o

Minimum Speed

16 min

per 360o



Axis Height    4'1"    1.2 m
Axis Width    2'4"    74 cm
Axis Weight    80 lb    36.3 kg
Axis Payload Capacity    90 lb    40.8 kg
Axis Height    3'6"    11 cm
Axis Width    1'9"    53 cm
Axis Weight    65 lb    29.5 kg
Axis Payload Capacity    90 lb    40.8 kg

Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV


Weight Of Universal Gearbox (each)    4lbs (1.8 kg)
Speed Range    2 seconds to 24 hours
Maximum recommended Camera Payload    60 lbs (27kg)
Gearbox Water resistance    IP 64
Power to Head    28 V DC (Average 1.2 amps)
Control Data to Head    RS 232



Height:    27 inches (685mm)
Width:    20 inches (508mm)
Depth:    7 inches (178mm)
Weight:    38lbs (17.3 kgs)
Max recommended balanced load:    60lbs (27.3 kgs)
Pan & Tilt movement:    360 degrees continuous
Speed Range Pan & Tilt:    2 seconds to 24 hours
Power to Head:    28 volts DC (Average 4 amps)
Number of slip-rings:    28 (Pan & Tilt)
Outputs at Camera Plate:    BNC 75 Ohm (2 Channels)
Triax 50 Ohm
28 volts @ 12 amps peak
12 volts @ 12 amps peak
Zoom (for video lens control)
Focus (for video lens control)
Zoom (to drive Preston Motor)
Focus (to drive Preston Motor)
Iris (to drive Preston Motor)
Camera Start/Stop
Outputs Spare for client's use:    Aux 1 two channels 8 amps max
Aux 2 eight channels 2 amps max
Mounting Base:    Standard Mitchel



Weight of two axis format:    70 Ibs (32 kgs)
Weight of three axis format:    125 Ibs (56 kgs)
Max recommended load:    Two axis 200 Ibs (90 kgs)
Three axis 150 Ibs (68 kgs)
Pan, Tilt and Roll movement:    360 Degrees continuous
Electronic limit switches:    Tilt and Roll
Speed Range Pan, Tilt and Roll:    2.5 seconds to 37 hours
Number of slip-rings:    30
Outputs at Camera Plate:    BNC 75 Ohm (x 3)
12 volts @ 2 amps for Video (x2)
12 volts @ 10 amps peak (x2)
24(28) volts @ 15 amps peak
Zoom output
Focus output
Iris output
Camera Start/Stop
Outputs spare for clients' use:    Aux 1 two channels 8 amps
Aux 2 eight channels 2 amps
Mounting Base:    Standard Mitchel
Link between Head and Controls:    RS232 9600 bps
Supply voltage range:    21 to 34 volt DC
Over/under voltage cut off:    18 and 37 volt DC
Power for Head @ 28 volts:    1.7 amps to 10 amps peak



Weight (without accessories):    40lbs (18 Kgs)
Weight with 150mm Riser:    Add 2.5lbs (1.1 Kgs)
Weight with 300mm Riser:    Add 5lbs (2.2 Kgs)
PAN:    360 Degrees continuous
TILT:    360 Degrees continuous (except in low profile central mode)
Speed Range PAN & TILT:    3 secs to 16 mins approx.
Maximum recommended balanced load:    80lbs (36.3 Kgs)
No. of Slip rings:    8
Mounting Base:    Standard Mitchel
Electronic Control Module
Weight:    19lbs (8.6 Kgs)
Mains Power Supply:    AC 220 or 110 Volts
Batteries:    2 x 24 or 30 Volts
Maximum current required by Head:    6 amps per Axis
Average current per Axis:    1.5 amps
General:    Full diode protection on battery inputs
Current limiting
Thermal overload protection
Mains or batteries logic circuit
Worrell Type Handle Boxes
Weight:    20lbs (9 Kgs)
Batteries:    4 x 9 Volt PP3



A small and lightweight 2-axis remote head. The SL Pod boasts a rigid, adjustable frame, powerful motors, repeatability, soft stops and wireless operation. It can quickly change from upright to under slung modes and accommodate most lightweight cameras. Available with Worrall wheels or joystick controls.

Approx. 20lbs.
Small upright
15"x 15"x 7"
Small under slung
15"x 15"x 7"