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The GF-Jib Arm was designed to function as a stable, solid jib specifically addressing the heavier 35mm camera packages. It offers smooth, vibration free movements without the operator having to compromise the designed shot.

The front of the arm can be easily telescoped out and locked off at the required working length. This feature provides added flexibility when working on tight sets. The camera head can be mounted in a number of positions, adapting easily to the camera operator's needs on each different shot. A drop down tube as per the GF-Bangi or Combi-rig provides for even more mounting positions in a minimum amount of time.

The GF-Jib's pan and tilt “drag” can be adjusted to suit the individual operators preference. The drag levers are located on the left and right hand side of the pivot section as are the tilt brakes. The counterweight end of the GF-Jib Arm is also telescopic and can be very comfortably hand cranked to the required length, ensuring perfect balance at any angle.

GF-Jib Arm


Reach - retracted 139 cm / 4' 6"
Reach - extended 188cm / 6' 1"
Rear - retracted 42 cm / 1' 4"
Rear - extended 94 cm / 3' 1"
Lift range retracted 186 cm / 6' 1"
Lift range extended 256 cm / 8' 4"
Max Payload - retracted 60 kg / 132lbs
Max Payload - extended 40 kg / 88lbs
Jib mount required Euro-adapter (Mitchell adapter available)
Camera head mount Euro-adapter or Mitchell
Weight of Jib 42kg / 92 lbs
Max counterweight 120 kg / 264lbs (10 x 12kg)
Tilt angle 43 degree's



GF-8The GF-8’s track record is second to none and has established new dimensions in the concept of lightweight, rideable and remote crane sys- tems. The system offers a wide range of options and solutions that more than meet the demands and requirements of modern fi lm and video pro- duction. The GF-8 can be built to suit almost any location, ranging from jib arm to rideable crane and up to 9.3m / 30’6” for remote heads.

For transportation, all the GF-8 components fi t on a dedicated transport trolley. The trolley sys- tem protects the parts from unnecessary wear and tear as each piece has it’s own storage spot on the trolley. On location you just remove the parts needed to build the size of crane you re- quire for your shot. All other parts remain safely stored.


  • Platform operation: 1 pers. = 6.1 m / 19’10” 2 pers. = 4.8 m / 15’2”GF-8
  • Remote operation: 50kg/110 lbs = 9.3m/30’ 6” 80kg / 175 lbs = 7.5 m / 24’5”
  • Base dollies available with single or double ended steering
  • Base dollies double as Western or Track Dolly
  • Operates on standard 62cm/24,5” or 100cm/ 39” track
  • Interchangeable extensions available in 1, 2.6, 3, 5 ft (40, 100, 127, 150 cm) lengths
  • No numerical set-up procedure
  • No dedicated front or back
  • Extension arm system allows for combination of any arm to the other
  • Simple rigging assembly. Identical rods.
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Lightweight parts
  • Extremely stable arm
  • Surface hardened fi nish (Hart-Coat®)
  • TÜV Certifi ed


Dimensions 85 x 127cm
Dolly height 2' 9” x 4' 2”
Pivot point 154cm / 5'
Top of pivot section 178cm / 5' 10”
Top of rigging harness 212cm / 6' 11”
Dolly weight 112kg / 246lbs
  Maximum 2 pers. ride / Version 7 Maximum 1 pers. ride / Version 10 Maximum remote operation / Version 15
Max. Height: 483cm/ 15' 10” 606cm / 19' 10” 931cm / 30' 6”
Lift range: 564cm / 18' 6” 809cm / 30' 7” 1423cm / 46' 8”
Lift capacity: 216kg / 475lbs 128kg / 457lbs 50kg / 110lbs
Transportweight (only crane) : 190kg / 418lbs 208kg / 281lbs 250kg / 625lbs
Reach (measured from pivot) to front: 401cm /13' 1” 549cm / 18' 935cm / 30' 8”
Reach (measured from pivot) to rear: 220cm /7' 2” 220cm / 7' 2” 220cm / 7' 2””
Counterweight required to balance empty arm: 46kg / 101lbs 112kg / 246lbs 228kg / 501lbs
Counterweight required for max. load: 480kg / 1056lbs 480kg / 1056lbs 498kg / 1095lbs

Due to the varied nature of film making, GFM offers a selec- tion of stable base dollies for the GF-8, further helping to service the
individual needs and requirements.

GF-8 BaseGF-8 Standard Base
With single ended, corrected steering.

GF-8 Double Ended Steering Base
Both ends function independently with a dedicated steering rod for each operator.

GF-8 Double Ended Connected Steering Base
The 3 steering functions are controlled from the rear of the dolly by simply flicking a lever. Provides the utmost in manouverabilty.

  • Front 2 wheel, operated from the rear of the dolly.
  • 4 wheel inverted, all 4 wheels can be turned together giving a “roundy round“ steering effect.
  • Rear 2 wheel, the rear wheels are steered from the rear of the dolly.

GF-8 Mini Base
Ideal for getting through narrow doorways and working in very confined spaces.

For all base dollies

  • Push down wheel brakes help to stop unwanted rolling or moving.
  • Track wheels in a special Vulkulan mix. Ideal for fast tracking shots, providing extremely smooth movement for man riding and remote use.
  • Wide gauge track adapter to 100 cm / 39“
  • Sturdy, hand cranked levelling legs for uneven surfaces. Increases the bases footprint, making it possible to lay track underneath the dolly.
  • Push bar can be connected to either end of the base.
  • All terrain pneumatic wheels for transportation.
  • Bases can be used as track or western dollies by attaching the crane platform.
  • 1, 2 or 3 piece mounting column. Enables varied pivot heights (124cm /4 ft, 154cm /5 ft and 184 cm /6 ft)

Extra options
In shorter lengths, a counterweight rod can be used instead of the weight bucket. Adapters for mounting the GF-8 on Mitchell or Euro-adapter fitted dollies are also available.

GF-8 Specification Version 1

GF-8 Specification Version 2

GF-8 Specification Version 3

GF-8 Specification Version 5

GF-8 Specification Version 6

GF-8 Specification Version 7

GF-8 Specification Version 8

GF-8 Specification Version 9

GF-8 Specification Version 10

GF-8 Specification Version 11

GF-8 Specification Version 12

GF-8 Specification Version 13

GF-8 Specification Version 14

GF-8 Specification Version 15

GF-8 Specification Version 16

GF-8 Specification Version 17

GF-8 Specification Version 18


GF-16The GF-16 Crane supersedes the GF-14 and is the ultimate in “big” modular, rideable and remote crane systems.

A major highlight of the GF-16 is the adjustable mounting column. It allows assembly of the arm at a low, comfortable pivot height of 158cm/5’ 2”. When assembled the complete arm can be elevated 40cm/18” per hand crank or motor driven with a battery operated screwdriver. This feature not only improves safety and handling as it reduces the need for using ladders etc during assembly and breakdown, it also gives the operator more options to adapt the crane to the location or set. Transportation of the crane is more comfortable as the assembled base, column and pivot section isonly 192cm/6’3” high when retracted.

As with all GFM products, the GF-16 components are treated with a patented, surface hardening process (Hart Coat) resulting in a scratch proof and non-flake finish. This process increases the equipments durability and lifespan giving it that “new look” even after intensive use on set. Thrashed looking gear and touch up paint jobs are things of the past.

Features of the GF-16 Crane System are

  • man ride with 2 persons to 8,95m /19’4”
  • man ride with 1 person to 11,3m / 37’
  • remote operation with 80kg /176lbs payload to 14,5m /47’7”
  • remote operation with 60kg /132lbs payload to 15,3m /50’2”

The maximum amount of counterweight required is 1394kg /3066lbs

GF-16 Specification Version 1

GF-16 Specification Version 2

GF-16 Specification Version 3

GF-16 Specification Version 4

GF-16 Specification Version 5

GF-16 Specification Version 6

GF-16 Specification Version 7

GF-16 Specification Version 8

GF-16 Specification Version 9

GF-16 Specification Version 10

GF-16 Specification Version 11

GF-16 Specification Version 12

GF-16 Specification Version 13

GF-16 Specification Version 14

GF-16 Specification Version 15