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Lenny Mini

Lenny Mini

Our most popular fixed crane arm, ideal for use on location or in the studio where it's small and light enough to be mounted on: Pontoons & small Boats, roof-tops, our Tracking Vehicles or our Olympian Mobile Platforms. The Lenny Mini was originally designed as a light-weight crane arm for use with Dollies and Pedestals. The multi-section design of the Lenny Mini Camera Crane can be configured in different lengths from as little as 2 feet to over 25 feet. Over 50 different length configurations are possible, making the Lenny Mini a very versatile fixed arm crane for a multitude of uses. The arm is designed to carry remote rigs including 3D cameras and existing Film/Digital & TV Cameras.

Features of the Lenny Mini Crane Arm:

  • The perfect crane arm for roof tops or limited access locations where weight is a factor.
  • Over 50 size/length configurations possible in a build.
  • Easy to transport thanks to component design & storage.
  • The Crane can be assembled by just one or two people (we supply the Lenny Mini with a qualified technician).
  • Leveling centre post for use on slopes or uneven ground.
  • Slim design is perfect for small or medium size studio work on Dollies or Pedestals.
  • Smooth well balanced crane arm for accurate movement on all axis.
  • It can be mounted on our Raptor, Maverick or Ford Tracking Vehicles all equipped with automatic self-leveling centre posts, ideal for tracking shots with a fixed length arm.
  • Light enough for use on small boats & pontoons (see photos).
  • Compatible with our Remote Heads and Stabilised Heads

Designed to work with many camera packages from 3D rigs to existing Film & Digital Cameras (max recommended payload is 204 lbs). Cameras can be over slung or   underslung in a pre-configured position.

Lenny II Plus Arm

The big brother of the Lenny Mini, the Lenny Two is designed to carry heavier loads, including 'ride on' operators and a Steadicam platform. Aerodynamic holes in the section of the arm reduce weight without sacrificing structural strength and help to make the arm easier to swing outdoors.

The advantages of the Lenny Mini's multi-length configurable design are also repeated on the Lenny Two, where the crane arm can be configured in as many different lengths as the smaller crane (51). Add to this different weight buckets for the array of different loads the Lenny Two can manage and you have a medium weight crane with a 'ride on' height of 30 feet and an overall maximum height close to 40 feet with a Remote Camera Head.

The Lenny Two is designed for a wider range of production needs where flexibility and ease of transportation is required in a bigger configuration. The Lenny Two continues the ease of use and smooth operation, thanks to it's weight saving design and rigid construction.

Features of the Lenny II Crane Arm:

  • Very strong and stable for manned 'ride-on' applications in the studio or on location.
  • Easy to transport for the size of crane.
  • Walk on and off Steadicam Platform (option with or without) or manned/seated camera platform.
  • Walk on Platform can also carry 1x Technician and a large single lamp fixture (max height of 30', Max Payload of 438lbs) see Photos.
  • Can be configured in over 50 different lengths for operation
  • Compatible with Remote Camera Heads and Stabilised Heads up to a height of 38'.
  • Compatible with the Maverick Tracking Vehicle for tracking shots (see photos) and Raptor Tracking Vehicle for accessing difficult exterior locations.
  • Compatible with the Raptor Tracking Vehicles for transport & access to exterior locations in any terrain (sand, mud, forest or road).
  • Works with a range of Bases and Dollies each with a four point leveling centre post.

Lenny II Plus Arm

RemoteMaximum Height: 37'4"
Maximum Reach: 38'4" - Maximum Payload: 282 lbs.
Ride-On Maximum Height: 29'9" - Maximum Reach: 30'4"
Maximum Payload: 438 lbs

Lenny III Crane Arm

The Lenny III is our largest fixed arm crane at Chapman UK. Ideal for big exterior crane shots (including live broadcast), studio use &Steadicam platforms. Even tracking shots are possible when the Lenny III is mounted on the Chapman Maverick Vehicle complete with a self-leveling centre post (see photo).

The Lenny III design is incredibly strong, able to carry very heavy loads very safely (550lb ride on weight) to 35 feet or a maximum reach of 50 feet with a Remote Camera Head. This arm will carry up to three seated operators and a camera, a walk on/off multi-purpose platform (with a hinged ramp and hand rails) or any of todays camera rigs, Film, 3D or Digital.

The Lenny III takes much of the excellent modular design of the Lenny II but with more emphasis on greater height and reach. The arm design features the aerodynamic holes in each crane section, reducing wind drag when panning the arm. The Lenny III improves on the previous cranes design by introducing a leveling control rod and spring loaded dampers, these reduce inertia when the arm is raised or lowered, taking the strain away from the operator, making the movement very smooth and the crane a safe choice for shots involving height.

The Lenny III is the most popular big arm crane of it's kind thanks to it's incredible strength, ease of operation and transportability.

Features of the Lenny III Crane Arm:

  • Greater height and reach, our largest configurable fixed arm crane with a maximum reach of 50 feet (remote only - ride on max height is 35' 4").
  • Ride on Platform for two people & equipment (see photos).
  • Modular design allows the arm to be configured in 41 different ways (see Tech' PDF)
  • Vertical Control Rod and spring loaded dampers control the arms inertia during operation, easier and safer to control for big vertical moves.
  • Compatible with our Raptor tracking Vehicles for transport on location or the Maverick for tracking shots with the arm on a self levelingcentre post (no other crane system has this feature).
  • Lenny III also compatible with Chapman Bases and Dollies.
  • Variable weight bucket for different lifting weights and crane lengths.
  • Easy to transport thanks to weight saving, modular design.
  • Very strong and rigid design for silent, smooth and accurate operation on any location.
  • Aerodynamic holes reduce drag on the arm.
  • Takes any camera rig, manned operation or Remote Head 3D, Film or Digital operation.
  • Excellent safety record.
  • Used and known worldwide by countless productions.
  • Supplied to you with a qualified Chapman crane technician.

Lenny III Crane Arm

Lenny III Crane Arm



The Chapman Stingers are our smallest fixed length crane arms designed to work with Chapman Dollies and Bases. They are ideal for creating intricate moves with a Dolly, achieving low angle shots and are compatible with remote heads and stabilisers for tracking shots. Just like the Lenny Arms the Stingers can be configured to give you different lengths to work with (see features).

Stinger arms are great for Pack shots (commercials), small crane movements in confined areas on a set or location or mounted on our tracking vehicles as manually operated arms. They're engineered to the same specification as our larger cranes, smooth, rugged and easy to configure, with safety features such as fluid dampening to remove the risk of a 'backlash' (in the event the crane arm is not balanced).

The Stinger I is supplied mounted on it's own special Dolly the Pee Wee (see photo below) as this saves set-up time on set. The Stinger I features a camera slider which does not affect the dynamic balance of the arm, even in use. All this comes as a standard package, ready to use with any of our Fluid Heads or Remote Heads.

Features of the Stinger I

  • Perfect small arm for Dolly and Jib shots, very rigid and smooth, great for creating 'floating shots with a Dolly'.
  • Can be configured in 7 different lengths from 5ft to 8ft from the arms fulcrum (with 2' slider).
  • Arm can be configured in over slung or under slung mode with or without the slider.
  • Works with all Chapman Dollies and Bases.
  • Suitable for use on Tracking Vehicles such as the ETV, Raptor, Quad Bike or Electric Trike.
  • Supplied ready to use on the Chapman Pee-Wee Dolly with four point leveling centre post.
  • Fluid dampening system removes risk of a 'backlash' when jibbing, ensures perfect start and finish to every move.
  • Variable drag control and locks/breaks for fixed positions.
  • Changeable counter-weights for different loads/packages.
  • Removable camera slider (doesn't not effect dynamic balance when in use).
  • Arm is rigid enough to accommodate Chapman Remote Heads and Vibration Isolators.
  • 360 degree continuous pan travel.
  • Anodised arm to reduce glare or reflection.


To arrange a demonstration of the Stinger come and see us at our new UK Office, call us today or email your enquiry.



Film Air International

Giraffe Classic

Ultra-light, modular design, either manned or remote, the Giraffe Classic was designed for space efficiency.

Tapered sections nest inside each other, making it easily transportable, in light vans, small airplanes, helicopters and boats. Can be hand-carried up mountains, and hard-to-reach locations. This modular flexibility is also easy on the budget. All options listed in these specifications are included in the full 7-in-1 crane system at a surprisingly affordable cost. Fast and verstaile, the Giraffe Classic crane is the backbone of our fleet.

technical specs


Maximum Lens Height     31'  945 cm
Drop Down     17' 6"     533 cm
Maximum Reach     31' 6"     944 cm
Maximum Length     38' 6"     1173 cm
Minimum Width on Track Mode 1     2' 4"     73 cm
Minimum Width on Track Mode 2-5     3' 9"     114 cm
Minimum Width on Wheels       4' 8"   142 cm
Maximum Doorway Height   7' 6" 228 cm
Travelling Weight (w/o Ballast Weight)  648 lbs.   294 kg


Giraffe Compact

Ultra-light and modular the Giraffe Compact is suitable for most remote applications. The Compact was designed for space efficiency while lifting virtually any remote head.

Tapered extensions nest inside each other making it easily transportable in light vans, small planes, helicopters,and boats. Can be hand-carried up mountains,and hard-to-reach locations. All options listed in these specifications are included in the full 3-in-1 crane system. Fast and versatile,the Giraffe Compact rivals all other lightweight cranes in its class.

technical specs


Maximum Lens Height    24' 8"  752 cm
Drop Down -12' 5"  379 cm
Maximum Reach      22' 9"   693 cm
Maximum Length        30' 6" 930 cm
Minimum Width Hybrid Dolly on Track        27" 69 cm
Maximum Doorway Height        5'2" 158 cm
Travelling Weight (w/o Ballast Weight)       440' lbs.  200 kg

 Giraffe Long Ranger

Ultra-light and modular the Giraffe Long Ranger has the longest reach of all our cranes. Either manned or remote,the Long Ranger was designed for space efficiency.

Tapered sections nest inside each other,making it easy to transport in cube vans,planes and boats. All options listed in these specifications include the full 5-in-1 crane system at a surprisingly affordable cost. Fast and versatile, the Giraffe Long Ranger is the pride of our fleet.

technical specs       


Maximum Lens Height        44' 2" 1347 cm
Drop Down        -24' 4" 741 cm
Maximum Reach      41'4"   1259 cm
Maximum Length        53' 8" 1638 cm
Maximum Doorway Clearance        9' 11" 302 cm
Minimum Width on Track        5'2" 158 cm
Minimum Width on Ruff Wheels       6' 9"  206 kg
Maximum Doorway Height        7' 9" 236 cm
Chassis Length       7' 0"  213 cm
Travelling Weight (w/o Ballast Weight)      1015 lbs.   460 kg
Max. Payload        550 lbs. 249 kg
Max. Payload Remote @44'2"(1347 cm)      200 lbs.   91 kg