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Alpha Grip

The Cine Power Pack system is an integration of the most advanced power components available to date. Designed by Rev-TEC (patent pending) specifically for Grip Trix to supply advanced power management for mobile telescopic camera cranes, lighting and other equipment and eliminate the need for trailing power lines or noisy generators. This is a revolution for the film industry.

Today, the camera, crane, lighting and sound equipment can be loaded onto a Grip Trix electric camera dolly—or as a stand-alone unit—and receive extended hours of silent, unleashed pure power during the filming of moving subjects.

The Cine Power Pack features a 24V, 3000-Watt DC to AC “pure (or true) sine wave” inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch powered by three advancedtechnology, light- weight battery packs, each delivering 2.5kWh, for a total of 7.5kWh.

“Pure sine wave” is the purest form of power and provides smooth, flawless performance without the hum and hiccups that can accompany lower-grade “modified sine wave” systems. The Cine power Pack is a highend power solution for high-end equipment. Safe for all types of 120V, 50 or 60Hz , up to 3000W (25 Amperes) continuous. Pure ‘Sine wave’ output waveform.Cine Power Pack


  • Pure sine wave output (THD < 3%)
  • Output frequency: 50/60Hz switch selectable
  • Fully isolated design
  • Power Saving Mode to conserve energy
  • High efficiency 92-94%
  • Can start and run highly reactive and capacitive loads
  • Tri-Color indicators show input voltage & status
  • Load controlled cooling fan
  • Advanced microprocessor circuitry
  • Advanced lightweight batteries
  • Power factor corrected charger
  • Renewable Energy Compatible
  • Highly portable, Mobile system
Tech Specs  
Continuous Output Power 3000W
Maximum Output Power 3300W
Surge Rating, Maximum
Input Voltage
24VDC (Nominal)
Output Voltage
100/110/120 +/= 5%
Frequency (Selectable)
50/60Hz +/- .05%
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
(<3% THD)
Efficiency, Full Load
No Load Current (Max)
Standby Current (Max)
Input Voltage Range
21.0-30.6 VDC
Input Level Indicator
Multicolor LEDs
Load Level Indicator
Multicolor LED’s
Failure Indicator
Safety Certification
UL458, EN60950-1
FCC Class A, e-mar e13 22845
Operating Temperature Range
0-40 Degrees C
Storage Temperature Range
-30 to 70 Degrees C
Load Controlled Forced Air
Battery Module Capacity
Battery Pack Weight (each) x3
25 kg / 55 lbs.
Inverter Weight
9.8 kg / 22 lbs.
Charger Weight
6.4 kg / 14 lbs.
Charger Input Voltage
90-250VAC 50/60 Hz
Battery Charger Output
Charging Time (100% DOD)
3.5 Hours Max.
Charging Algorithim Fully Automatic, BMS Cell Balance


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